2016 Lotus Elise Sport 220

2016 Lotus Elise Sport 220

Lotus is well known for making some of the best sports cars in the World and the Elise makes no exception. They recently released a new version of the car with the Sport model which actually replaces the old base and S trim levels. The 2016 Lotus Elise Sport 220 is the older S model and it does come with a few upgrades which are quite nice considering the price went down by a small amount. The exterior has been slightly revised, the engine is actually more efficient than before while the car looks a lot better on the interior.

2016 Lotus Elise Price and Release Date

Unfortunately it will not be available on the US market for at least four more years but in Europe the car will certainly win the hearts of many. The price has been adjusted and it now costs around $50,000 or roughly $10,000 more than the base Sport model. This adds quite a few new features as well as a much more powerful engine which is certainly going to impress people thanks to the 2,015 pounds of weight.



Just like before, the new Elise is using the same chassis which has been developed a long time ago but thanks to the lightweight materials and the great construction from the start it is able to offer a near perfect driving experience. On top of that, the exterior design of the 2016 Lotus Elise Sport 220 has been slightly revised so it now features a slightly larger rear diffuser, a new design for its engine cover, new headlights in the front as well as a slightly different bumper. The wheels are all new and they are actually shared with the lesser Sport model and as an option the car will also be available with a set of forged alloy wheels which will shed another 12 pounds of weight from it. In order to keep its customers satisfied, the car can be had in 10 different colors.

2016 Lotus Elise Sport 220 Interior


The interior is quite barren and it only offers the bare minimum in order to keep the driver safe and happy. The steering column is perfectly weighted and the steering wheel is the perfect size as well so it offers a really nice feedback. On top of that, the car can be had with Tartan-upholstered seats which haven’t been used since the late 1970s. These will match the exterior color and it will give the new Elise a certain vibe to it. As standard the 220 model comes with air conditioning, an MP3 player with decent speakers as well as a slim lithium ion battery pack which allows it to save weight. The good part is that the AC system will not impact the performance of its engine as it does with the 1.6 liter in the Sport model.

Lotus Elise Interior

Lotus Elise Sport 2016 Specs

Speaking of engines, the 2016 Lotus Elise Sport 220 features a 1.8 liter inline 4 which is also supplied by Toyota. This time around though the engine is supercharged so it is quite a bit more powerful than the base model. It manages to offer an impressive 217 horsepower and more than 170 lb-ft of torque which is a lot considering how light it actually is. Just like with the base Sport model, this also gets the same 6 speed manual which sends the power to the rear wheels only. The official performance numbers suggest that the Elise Sport 220 will get to 60 MPH in around 4.2 seconds and it should hit more than 140 MPH with ease. The even better part is that this engine has been rated at little over 37 MPG which is one of the best numbers in its class, especially considering the performance offered in its stock form.

Choose your colors?

Lotus Elise Sport 220 colors

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