Seat Ateca 2016 Price

Seat Ateca 2016

Seat has to face some stiff competition this year, and the 2016 Ateca is supposed to help even the scales. However, due to the sheer number of similarities between in and Seat Leon, it remains to be seen just how successful will these efforts be. This is especially true in light of the fact that Seat Ateca is not exactly meant for off-road driving, placing it into the category of SUVs that offer more bark than actual bite. However, judging by the level of commitment as well as the overall quality of the vehicle in question, one should not be too hasty to judge or dismiss its potential, especially not this early in the game.

Seat Ateca 2016 Release Date

It is hard to tell just when will the Seat Ateca 2016 exactly roll off the assembly line and into the local showroom. Current rumors indicate middle or late 2016, although there is still lots of time until then.

New Seat Ateca

2016 Seat Ateca Price

Due to a number of factors, including trims, plethora of additional equipment and technologies, it is hard to estimate just how much will a brand new Seat Ateca 2016 cost. Not to mention the fact that this is a brand new vehicle, despite its similarities to Seat Leon. The price tag should start at 18,000 pounds (roughly $25,000) and move on to 30,000.


2016 Seat Ateca

From the outside, there is little to tell Seat Ateca from Seat Leon, except for sheer size, of course. The Ateca is in fact much bigger, with a wider wheelbase and more space between the wheels. The main feature of the front fascia is the redesigned grille, complete with new headlights, featuring LED technology. The overall body shape is otherwise quite similar to Leon, bringing a classical hatchback design to its full potential. All in all, the 2016 Seat Ateca seems more aggressive and sporty than ever.

Seat Ateca Interior

Seat Ateca 2016 Interior

As for the interior of the Seat Ateca 2016, the cues taken from Leon are also very much present. As far as materials go, plastic and chrome are the most obvious solutions. Unlike its counterpart, however, Seat Ateca offers plenty of cabin space for head and legs, in addition to some generous cargo space in the back. Naturally, there is lots of additional features, including the navigation for the touchscreen infotainment system which has been updated to a new level. The same goes for safety features, which have been updated, as one might have expected. All in all, the new Ateca should be a welcome addition to the road.

Seat Ateca 2016 Specs

Under the hood of the Seat Ateca 2016 lies either a gasoline or a diesel engine. The former is a 1.4 L TSI, while the latter comes in a 1.6 L and 2.0 L TSI varieties, all coupled with automatic transmission. Unfortunately, exact specs are still a mystery, including the number of horses and the exact torque – not to mention fuel efficiency and other factors. The 1.4 L will most likely feature 148 PS, while the 1.6 and 2.0 L varieties are looking at 148 and 187 PS, respectively.

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