Toyota Innova 2016

Toyota Innova 2016

In order to meet the demands of all those different markets out there, Toyota, like many other manufacturers, is building quite different cars which sometimes are quite impressive. One of these is the all new Toyota Innova 2016 which has first been released back in November in Indonesia and just a few days ago in India. While the name might not mean anything for those living in the West, the car is actually based on the same chassis as that found in the Hilux, meaning it offers one of the most rugged platforms out there in the package of a minivan.

While this type of car would never work in Europe or the US because the comfort or space offered are usually inferior to a unibody design, in countries such as India or even Vietnam, where roads are usually not as good as in some other countries, the car makes a lot of sense offering a good amount of ground clearance, a rugged chassis which can withstand a lot of abuse as well as reliable and fuel efficient engines.

Toyota Innova 2016 Price

The car is now available in India for sale starting at just under $20,000 making it one of the more affordable minivans on the market. A fully equipped diesel version on the other hand will set you back more than $36,000 which is a bit much but it should be well worth it for what it has to offer.

Exterior Design of Toyota Innova 2016

Toyota Innova 2016

In terms of design, the new Toyota Innova 2016 looks a lot better than the car it is replacing. While the previous model was average at best in terms of looks with its high body and narrow looking front end, the new car is a lot more different. The front end borrowed the headlights and part of its grille from the new Hilux which makes it look quite a bit wider than it really is. On top of that, Toyota added chrome inserts in the front and at the back, new fog-lamps housings and while the differences may be more subtle in the back, the car has all new sheet-metal.

2016 Toyota Innova Interior


Inside the cabin, the new Innova is offering pretty much all you could ever want from such a car. The base model is basic when it comes to features but it does come as standard with EBD, ABS, three airbags as well as parking sensors and even an immobilizer. Further up the range, the car will come with seven airbags, traction control, stability control as well as power windows all around the cabin while the top end version will add hill assist and emergency brake signaling.

Toyota Innova

Toyota Innova Specifications

In terms of engines, the Toyota Innova 2016 is using the same engines that are found in the Hilux but with a slightly different tune to them. The base model gets a 2 liter naturally aspirated inline 4 petrol engine which is good for 139 horsepower and 183 N*m of torque, enough for most tasks. For a bit of extra money though, the better choice would be the 2.4 liter turbocharged diesel which not only offers a higher output at 149 horsepower and 359 N*m of torque, but it is also around 20% more efficient than the petrol engine which in its turn, it is around 10% more efficient than the previous generation of petrol engines. The other markets get the same engines as the Indian market as well and no matter where it is sold, the car can be had with either a 5 speed manual which offers a pretty good feedback or with a 6 speed automatic which is now miles better than the one fitted to the older car. The only real drawback we see with the Innova is that it is not available, for now, with all wheel drive.

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